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We often use the words wallet and purse interchangeably. No wonder, because even after finding them in the dictionary, we can read that they are synonyms. It turns out, however, that we can not quite put an equality sign between them. Although they have very similar functions - both the wallet and the purse are used to store money - they differ in a few details. What? In today's post, we will answer this question. Men's wallet, women's purse? replica goyard wallets o bag replica replica wallets mens The first thought that comes to our mind when we begin to think about the differences between a purse and a wallet is who it is intended for. This may be due to the fact that the purse is feminine, so we assume in advance that women wear it. The portfolio is more often chosen by men. It turns out, however, that this is not entirely true. Both wallets and purses come in two versions - the one addressed to women and the other, addressed to men. Therefore, it is not the kind of word that determines the differences between these two objects. . How do wallets and purses differ? The first difference between wallets and purses is their function. Of course, both items are used to store cash, however, the purse was created primarily for the storage of coins, or coins. The wallet is mainly used to carry banknotes and payment cards. replica hermes wallets replica mens wallets designer replica burberry wallets Perhaps this distinction is the reason for the erroneous division into purses as women, and portfolios as those intended for men. After all, ladies usually carry coins in their wallet, while men have the habit of hiding a dime into their trouser pockets. Another difference is also the size. Unless the purse usually takes up too much space and is more "compact", in the wallet you will find many additional compartments, in addition to those used to store cash. In every wallet there is usually a place for payment cards, documents, business cards and sometimes also for photographs. The wallet, however, will not always be equipped with a pocket for coins. . Differences in appearance replica designer wallets replica bags cheap replica ysl bags uk As mentioned above, the first difference in the appearance between wallets and purses is their size. Probably most of us, when we think about wallets, before our eyes we have classic black men's wallets, worn by men often in the back pocket of trousers. And in fact, it is the wallet that is traditionally bigger and more roomy than a purse. The difference in the eye is also the pocket for coins, which in the wallet is small or does not exist at all, in the purse while it is its main part. It is often closed with a characteristic bigiel or zipper, and its layout allows you to quickly and conveniently open this pocket. Although the differences between wallets and purses are quite significant, it is not surprising that we often confuse them today, or we treat both of these words as synonymous. Many of today's wallets and wallets simply contain the characteristics of both and it is not easy to classify them into a specific category. Are you looking for a new wallet or want to give a gift to a loved one? replica wallets replica bags online replica bags uk